There’s a Little Kid in All of Us

A couple weeks ago, I went to Canvas and Cocktails with my good friend, Meredith. This is my second time doing this (see my post, ‘Hello 2011…’ for my first experience at C&C), and I must say, it was a blast. Whether you are artistic or haven’t painted since elementary or middle school (like me), it’s a great outlet if you’ve had a long day and need to de-stress or if you just want to revert back to being a kid and have fun with friends.  An instructor walks everyone through a step-by-step process on how to create the featured nights painting all while you sip on a glass of wine or mimosa. I was pleasantly surprised at what I ended up creating and had a great time with a good friend. You can never be too old to paint… after all, there’s a little kid in all of us!

Ta da!

Meredith and I with our finished pieces


Learn to Persevere

If there’s one word that best describes what you need to reach your goals, it’s perseverance. By definition, perseverance is a steady persistence in a course of action in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. The major reason that most goals and dreams remain unrealized is due to a lack of perseverance. In short, when the going gets tough, a lot of people stop pursuing their goal. If your perseverance tank is low on fuel, I have a suggestion about refueling.

The key to bolstering your perseverance can be found in the following quote from an unknown author: You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails. Those who succeed in life are constantly adjusting their sails in response to unexpected events. For that reason, it’s those who learn to make adjustments that reap the fruits of their labor. So find a way to use the winds of change swirling around you; it’ll strengthen your perseverance and keep you moving toward your goal.

By John H. Sklare, Ed.D, Lifescript Personal Coach

Go For It!

My dad forwarded me a great daily reflection and I wanted to share it with all of you.

“When it comes to accomplishing your dreams and goals, NIKE had it right with their famous slogan, Just Do It! Sure, it’s always easier said than done, but the wisdom found in that slogan hits the proverbial nail right on the head. So many unrealized dreams lie dormant on life’s cutting room floor due to simple inaction. If this sounds a lot like you, I say… go for it!

For all people who reach their goals, it’s always a matter of taking one step at a time and it all begins with that first step. So just take a moment to consider your coveted goal or dream and then take that first step forward. The key is to continue taking small steps daily. As a famous Chinese proverb states, The man who waits until tomorrow to take the first steps spends his entire life on one leg. I suggest you get a leg up on that dream you have and start to achieve it today!”

By John H. Sklare, Ed.D, Lifescript Personal Coach
Published March 12, 2010

Get out there and GO FOR IT! 🙂