How to Make a Holiday Wreath

After going up with my boyfriend’s family to cut down our Christmas tree, I decided to make my own wreath instead of going out to buy one. And since I’ve been getting a lot of compliments as far as how I did it, I thought I’d share it all with you! I found an easy step-by-step guide from eHow.

Things you will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Wire Wreath Frame (I used a 18″ frame)
  • #24 Floral/Paddle Wire
  • Shears
  • Pine cones
  • Scissors
  • Decorative ornaments, berries, etc.

1. Gather 6-8 inch trimmings from your tree or other greens found right outside your home. The tip ends of the branches work best.

2. Use a wire wreath fame or make your own from a wire coat hanger (I used a wire wreath frame that I bought at Michael’s for $2.99).

3. Attached #24 floral/paddle wire anywhere along the wire wreath frame. Tie is to the frame at that point and keep unspooling it and wrapping as you go around the frame with the bundles of greens.

4. Select several of the trimmings and place them together in a bunch with the stems at one end.

5. Place this bundle on top of the frame where the floral wire is connected.

6. Hold the bundle in place and wrap the floral wire around the bundle and frame.

7. Wrap the floral wire around the bundle a second time and then pull it tight. Make sure to leave the wire attached to the frame.

8. Gather another bundle and place it so that the leaves overlap the first bunch and cover the stems, making sure they face the same direction.

9. Continue overlapping the bunches and wiring them to the frame until you complete the circle.

10. Add pine cones by twisting a new piece of wire around the base of the cone, leaving a tail of 8-10 inches. Tie the wired cone’s tail to the wreath. (I was lucky in that I had pine cones already on the branches)

11. Lift the first bundle that you wired onto the frame and tuck the last bundle under it.

12. Twist the wire tightly around the last bundle. Knot the wire onto the frame, leaving 1-inch of wire with which to hang the wreath.

13. Trim the wire with scissors or shears when you are finished.


  • Buy or make a bright red bow and attach it with wire to the top of your wreath.
  • These can make wonderful hostess gifts during the holiday party season.
  • You can do all of this for less than $10!

My homemade Christmas wreath hanging on our front door!



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